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King Amenhotep the Second as an Archer
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About King Amenhotep the Second as an Archer




King Amenhotep the Second was famous for his physical accomplishments and was delighted to prove his athletic superiority. He is shown on this relief demonstrating his ability as an archer by driving a series of arrows through a copper target tied to a pole, while riding at full gallop in his chariot.

The text boasts that Amenhotep the Second insisted on copper rather than wooden targets because he was so much stronger than normal men that his arrows went through wood as if it were papyrus. In front of his chariot lies another target, which the king has pierced with four arrows. The king's horses rise in a majestic stance, emphasizing speed and power.

The horses function in this scene as a dividing line between the upper text, which relates the king's extraordinary skills, and the lower text, which describes the fallen copper target.

Dimensions:  Height 170.8 cm  Width 234 cm

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